Area of Focus



As an organization, one of our core values is that the application of knowledge stems from a good education.



Nigeria is a multifaceted society that houses a precise number of 521 local languages with different cultures existing within these cultures.




Building on the local adage “na cooperation make rice full pot”, we are promoting the spirit of developmental work in the minds of youths and students at all levels of community through active hands on meaningful engagements.

Our Pride

This is what we stand for as team of young professionals from across different works of life…

Our Core Value

We are poised to creating platforms that seeks to promote development and aspirations among young Nigerians through meaningful engagements and active volunteerism.

Our Vision

We envision a society where students are more solution oriented and have the available skills and knowledge and where development is youth-driven

Our Mission

To promote development and aspirations through meaningful engagements by encouraging active volunteerism among students and youths.