Focus Areas


As an organization, one of our core values is that the application of knowledge stems from a good education. Hence, we dedicate most of our resources into creating training platforms, which are mostly outside the norms of conventional formal education. Our training programs provides students with the opportunity to understand that the basic tenets of societal problems and how they can drive professional excellence in their fields of studies or intended fields to solving this problems.




Nigeria is a multifaceted society that houses a precise number of 521 local languages with different cultures existing within these cultures. While culture is the driving force of most communities, it is a sad reality that most cultures are retrogressive in nature and promotes different forms of unbalanced narratives about realities, rituals and restrictions. With special interest in the Northern part of the country, we are poised to creating new realities from  these cultural undertones through active community engagements and participating in structural mental changes .



Building on the local adage “na cooperation make rice full pot”, we are promoting the spirit of developmental work in the minds of youths and students at all levels of community through active hands on meaningful engagements. To us, volunteering is a sacred function that foster the most development both for society and individuals and this is why we take it extremely serious and encourage youths across all socioeconomic lines to volunteer actively and participate fully.