Reprogramming Arewa

With the high level of illiteracy that exists in the Northern part of the country and the negligence of the girl child education, the primary aim of the Reprogramming Arewa Initiative is to educate young students on the basic tenets of social justice, gender equality and basic social soft skills through active engagements of students in secondary schools and Universities. The initiative is divided into three segments, Training, Mentorships and volunteering.

Our initiative has a youth base of over 500 young students in 7 Universities across Northern Nigeria and 5 Secondary Schools. The training programs have in so far impacted over 1000+ students from across these institutions and local communities as well.

The Training and Mentorship curriculum of the initiative is tailored around the Global Goals of the United Nations where we have students identify the Goals that best suits their career paths and how they can use their works to deliver the Goals for Nigeria.